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  • 你知道自动门的原理吗?
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Automatic door principle


1. Door frames, doorframes are generally metal, doorboards are generally wood or glass.


2. Portal crane, track, bracket and belt, the portal crane is the motor, responsible for the power output of the automatic door switch, at the same time there are many interfaces, such as backup power interface, multiple switch and remote control interface; track is the automatic door sliding over, sliding past the moving rail; bracket is the place to support the automatic door, belt is the transmission chain connecting the engine and the automatic door.


3. Switches, contact type, infrared induction, microwave induction, touch induction, foot induction, password, card swipe, face brush, fingerprint brush, remote control, attendance and other automatic door switches are optional. These switches are connected to the motor and control the operation of the motor, that is, the switch of the automatic door.


4. Safe light or light screen, installed in the operation range of the automatic door, is also connected to the door machine, to ensure that when people or things, the automatic door will not close.


5. Electric locks, used to lock automatic doors, prevent manpower from prying open, there are electric locks, magnetic locks, etc., they are also connected to the door machine.


6. If it is a glass door, you must paste pictures or words on it to prevent people from directly hitting the glass door.


7. In order to ensure that the automatic door can work properly when power failure occurs, backup power supply can be provided.




1. The coordination between the unlocking and opening of the automatic door is applied to the electronic locks of the automatic translation door, including the electromagnetic locks with the lock belt, the electric locks of the hanging parts of the lock door body and the three kinds of locks of the motor. There is also a mechanical lock with contact switch, which combines the lock with the switch. If the lock is not in the unlocking state, the contact can not be contacted and the motor can not be operated by mistake.


2. Microwave radar is a response to the displacement of objects, so it has a fast response speed. It is suitable for the places where people with normal walking speed pass through. Its characteristic is that once the people near the door do not want to go out and remain still, the radar will no longer react, and the automatic door will be closed, which has a certain protective effect on the door crane.


3. Infrared sensors react to the presence of objects. Whether people move or not, as long as they are within the scanning range of sensors, they will react and send out contact signals. The disadvantage is that the reaction speed of infrared sensor is slow, and it is suitable for the places where people with slow movement enter and exit.


4. Installation of access control system and electric lock: Installation of automatic door in self-service bank can increase the installation of self-service bank access control system and add electric lock in order to realize the control of access and exit.


The key switch can be a contact button, more convenient is the so-called elbow touch switch.


Benefits of installing automatic doors


(1) It greatly reduces the labor intensity and transportation efficiency. Because of the advanced control technology and safety protection measures, the automatic access door is more safe and reliable.


(2) It can reduce heat loss, reduce dust invasion, increase airtightness and save energy.


(3) The automatic door enhances the decorative and beautifying function of the building. Because of the wide use of new design, new decorative materials and new processing technology, the shape and structure of the automatic door will be more coordinated with the building, more matched, and enhance the beautification function of the building.


Matters needing attention


1. Selection of sensors: in high-end hotels, offices, you can choose high-sensitivity sensors; in the sidewalk banks, shops and other places where people often pass by, select sensors in narrow areas.


2. Do not jam automatic door, bump into automatic door, or damage automatic door equipment and door body with external force;


3. children under the height of 1.2 meters, the disabled elderly and handicapped people can pass the automatic door with the help of their guardians. Some manufacturers, in order to save money, have less safe light and high location, will cause accidents in the door clip.


4. For automatic doors without backup power supply, the automatic doors and fans can be pushed manually to both sides during power failure. If the automatic doors fail or in emergency, please turn off the power supply of the automatic doors first and push the automatic doors manually.